Universal Melt Blown Pads (High Capacity / Light to Heavy Maintenance)

ABBCO Pro-Fine Fiber™ technology is a unique process that is used in our Technical and Medical Grade products. This process is used in our absorbent products creating a highly absorbent and strong fine fiber material.

Longer fiber length gives our pads higher tensile strength, more durability, and greater absorbency than standard melt blown pads.

ABBCO Universal melt blown pads can be bonded or perforated and comes in various weights and sizes for job specific requirements.

  • Dimple bonding gives added strength and durability.
  • Optional perforations gives the user the ability use the required sorbent material needed for the job.
  • Absorbs petroleum and water based liquids.
  • Absorbs and contains acid and caustic solutions.
  • Pads are ideal for catching drips and soaking up spills.
  • ABBCO flame-resistant material melts when exposed to high heat while on the job.
  • Can be wrung out and incinerated after use to reduce waste.
  • ABBCO Universal Sorbent Pads are perfect for spill control and spill cleanup.
  • The gray color hides the grime.
Model Description Product Type Weight Packaging Absorbency Price Per Unit Add To Cart
23009 30" X 40" Heavy Weight 9 opsy. Universal King Pad. Pad 24 50/BALE 38 gallons
1-3 $125.10
4-6 $114.68
7 and up $100.08
20029 15" X 18" Heavy Weight 9 opsy. Universal Dimpled Pad. Pad 12 100/BALE 20 gallons
1-3 $69.43
4-6 $63.64
7 and up $55.54
20027 15" X 18" Medium Weight 7 opsy. Universal Dimpled Pad. Pad 9.5 100/BALE 15 gallons
1-3 $52.76
4-6 $48.36
7 and up $42.21
24025 15" X 18" Light Weight 5 opsy. Universal Pad. Dimpled Pad 13 200/BALE 21 gallons
1-3 $80.10
4-6 $73.42
7 and up $64.08