Yellow Haz-Mat/Chemical Pillows

Hazmat absorbents are used when a spill occurs involving acids, bases, hazardous or unknown liquids. Hazmat absorbents generate quick, efficient response. All Hazmat absorbents are color-coded in safety yellow for quick identification. Hazmat absorbents are constructed of 100% polypropylene designed to absorb the most aggressive acidic or caustic fluids. Hazmat absorbents come in rolls, pads, booms, pillows, and socks with various lengths and widths.

Product Features:
Quickly absorb chemical spills. ABBCO HAZ-MAT Pads are specially treated to absorb high concentrations of acids, bases or unknown liquids better than any other absorbent in the market.

  • Exclusive dimple pattern speeds wicking of liquid throughout Mat for faster, easier cleanup
  • Highly absorbent, fine-fiber construction.
  • Absorbs and retains most acids, bases and unknown liquids
  • Chemical-resistant mat won’t degrade or cause a dangerous reaction upon contact with corrosive spills
  • The yellow color makes it easily distinguishable to prevent improper use and pilfering of spill-response supplies
  • Heavy-weight construction is highly durable and absorbent for demanding tasks and large-volume cleanups
  • Pads are ideal for wipe downs and soaking up spills
  • Flame-resistant material won’t burn immediately like cellulose mats; melts when exposed to high heat.
  • Can be incinerated after use to reduce waste
Model Description Product Type Weight Packaging Absorbency Price Per Unit Add To Cart
SPIL918U 9" X 18" X 2" Polypropylene Fill Pillows 20 20/Box 20 gallons
1-4 $83.64
5-11 $80.12
12 and up $74.85
SPIL1818U 18" X 18" X 2" Polypropylene Fill Pillows 20 10/Box 20 gallons
1-4 $80.98
5-11 $77.57
12 and up $72.47