Oil Only Polypropylene Pillows

ABBCO Oil Only Pillows absorb spills on water or land without absorbing a drop of water. ABBCO Pillows float on water for picking up contained oil but can also be used for land-based spills and leaks. Great for placing into small, tight places while capturing high volumes of liquid.

ABBCO Oil-Only Pillows repel water and are UV-resistant, making them ideal for outdoor applications.

Model Description Product Type Weight Packaging Absorbency Price Per Unit Add To Cart
P918-O 9" X 18" X 2" Polypropylene Fill Pillows 20 20/Box 20 gallons
1-4 $82.31
5-11 $78.85
12 and up $73.66
P1818-O 18" X 18" X 2"Polypropylene Fill Pillows 20 10/Box 20 gallons
1-4 $86.30
5-11 $82.68
12 and up $77.23