Loose Absorbents and Solidifiers

ABBCO Prosorb is a dry granular mineral that has the ability to absorb and retain many
forms of liquids including  acids and caustics. Prosorbis a heavy weight
absorbent used to penetrate the spill and stays down in windy conditions.
An excellent alternative to clay…  

  • ABBCO Prosorb absorbs up to 4 times its own weight, which is 8 times more than clay.
  • Special Heavy formula to penetrate the spill.
  • Absorbs and attacks synthetic oil spills.
  • Aggressive wicking power.
  • NON-Carcinogenic and NON-Leaching
  • Natural color leaves no visible residue.


ABBCO Oil Hawg is a natural organic fiber that self remediates as an particulate oil absorbent, which

means it restores a surface to acceptable levels for all plants and animals. Inoculated with microbes
along with essential nutrients, Oil Hawg enhances the bioremediation process in hydrocarbon based
spills on land or water.

  • ABBCO OIL HAWG is designed to give you the maximum flexibility during the application to include the following features:
  • Lightweight bags that can be transported to the site with ease
  • The encapsulating material can be spread over large areas or broadcast into hard-to-reach areas as well.
  • ABBCO OIL HAWG can be broadcast over open contaminated water or pools with no loss of effectiveness since it will give up water in order to absorb the oils.
  • Once applied, ABBCO OIL HAWG can be picked up with a shovel, skimmer, etc., for containing the bioremediation
  • Cost efficient when compared to other remediation materials and methods.
  • By using “in place” bioremediation treatment at the spill site, the need for soil removal, transportation, disposal and soil replacement is eliminated.


K-Sorb® Universal “Green” Particulate Absorbents is a highly absorbent cellulose used to absorb and control liquid spills in industrial settings. It is manufactured from recycled cellulose fiber and is non-selective (universal) in what it absorbs.

  • K-Sorb® is a non-carcinogenic
  • Low dust alternative to clay based absorbents and diatomite.
Universal Absorbency Analysis (1000 gallons free liquid) Source: Pollution Technology Review No. 150
Product Absorbency Ratio Absorbent Required (lb.) Disposal Weight (lb.)
EcoFiber 13 640 8,980
K-Sorb Universal Particulate 4.0 2,085 10,425
Clay 1.0 8,340 16,680
Fly Ash, D.E. or Corn Cob 1.4 5,900 14,240

K-Sorb Oil Only Hydrophobic® “Green” Particulate Absorbents- a cost effective absorbent alternative to polypropylene and peat moss for controlling and remediating CERCLA liquid hazardous waste. It absorbs hydrocarbons and repels water, and can be used to successfully remediate floating chemical spills while absorbing a minimum amount of water. K-Sorb Hydrophobic Particulate can absorb over half a gallon per pound. It is available in 22 lb. bags of pelletized fiber particles, and is pourable in nature.


Sprinkle ABSORB-N-DRY  (Clay 2050) granules generously over soiled area, let stand for a short time, then sweep up.  For particularly stubborn spills or stains use a stiff broom to work the granules over the area, then sweep up.  For flowing liquids, pile ABSORB-N-DRY around the area creating a dam.  Always use good housekeeping procedures and dispose of spent granules in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.



USBA is a Universal Bulk Stabilizer for solidifying aqueous waste and is made up of a cellulose and SAP blend used to solidify great volumes water sludge and water based spills.


  • Product will continue to expand until there is no water is present.
  • Will break down naturally in the environment.
  • Used to quickly absorb and solidify water base spills.
  • USBA will absorb oil based spills at a limited rate of 2:1.
  • Can be incinerated.


Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) are dry granular materials that have theunique ability to absorb and retain large volumes of water and other aqueous solutions. Amazingly, SAP can absorb and retain up to 400 times its weight in water.  This makes super absorbent polymers an ideal material to use in a variety of environmental applications such as solidification.

The mineral and polymer loose particulate absorbents exceed landfill regulations for disposal in the releasing and leaching of toxic liquid waste.
SP 210-25 Oil Only White Melt Blown Particulate helps in the process of cleanup of spills and capturing hydrocarbons in hard to reach areas.


  • Absorbs up to 35 gallons per bag
  • Absorbs petroleum-based liquids and fuel oils.
  • Broadcast on water to pick up thin layers of the “rainbow” sheen left after initial clean up.
  • Place in water separators for easy maintenance and clean up.
  • Can be incinerated for disposal or alternative energy source.
Model Description Product Type Weight Packaging Absorbency Price Per Unit Add To Cart
PROSORB 20 lb. Granular, Natural Mineral.
Univ. 20 Bag 6 gallons
1-4 $16.65
5-11 $15.95
12 and up $14.90
OILHAWG 30 lb. Oil Remediation Absorbent
Oil 30 Bag 40 gallons
1-4 $77.02
5-11 $73.78
12 and up $68.93
KS-30 K-SORB - 30 lb. (kwik-sorb) Universal Natural Granular
Univ 30 Bag 40 gallons
1-4 $69.93
5-11 $66.99
12 and up $62.58
Clay2050 40 lb bag of Clay Absorbent
Univ 40 Bag 5
1-4 $16.48
5-11 $15.79
12 and up $14.75
USBA Universal Bulk Stabilizer Univ 600 Bale 2160 gal.
1-4 $399.60
5-11 $382.80
12 and up $357.60
SAP-20 20 lb. Bag of Super Absorbent Polymer.
Water 20 Bag 120 gal.
1-4 $133.20
5-11 $127.60
12 and up $119.20
SAP-Bulk 400 lb. Drum of Super Absorbent Polymer.
Water 400 Bulk Drum 2409 gal
1-4 $1731.60
5-11 $1658.80
12 and up $1549.60
SP210-25 25lb bag of Oil Only Polypropylene Particulates
Oi 25 Bag 40 gallons
1-4 $116.55
5-11 $111.65
12 and up $104.30