Bilge Boom, Sweeps, Spill Sack and Spaghetti Boom

ABBCO Bilge Boom
Bilge booms are used to keep the boat bilges clean and free from fuel oils. Also, these may be used in other applications such as in water separators, storm drains, collection ponds, wells and many more other special purposes. Lower a bilge boom into your bilge, sump, catch basin or tank to remove oil, not water. Bilge booms float on top of  the water, even when completely saturated. ABBCO Bilge Booms are highly absorbent and come with a looped rope for easy deployment and retrieval. Bilge booms are available in 8″ x 18″ and 5″ x 15″ sizes and can be made with rings or bit snaps instead of rope.


ABBCO Pro Sweep
ABBCO – PRO SWEEP is manufactured with durability in mind. A melt blown polypropylene folded bale with an end to end woven polypropylene reinforcing strap, makes for ease of use on the job site. The polypropylene is also sewn on the outside edges for extra strength. Two straps extend from the 100’ expanse of material to allow responders to “sweep” the surface of the water or anchor it to a boom to catch oil in fast currents.


ABBCO Spaghetti Boom
ABBCO Spaghetti Boom allows thick oils to penetrate deeply into the boom, by allowing greater flow through the material. The mesh net and spaghetti strip filler are specially designed to contain and attract thick oils. ABBCO Spaghetti Boom are normally used in fast currents and cold waters. The cold thickens the oil and the open net on the ABBCO boom allows oil to penetrate deeply and quickly to capture the oil.


ABBCO Spill Sack
ABBCO Spill Sacks are used to quickly deploy and capture fuel off water. The large mesh size allows the oils to pass through much more efficiently. The red mesh bag and the looped draw strings makes it easy to find and retrieve. Other applications may include, boat docks and marinas, containment ponds, oil water separators, catching drips and leaks, spill response and spill clean up.

Model Description Product Type Weight Packaging Absorbency Price Per Unit Add To Cart
BB518 Bilge Boom 5" X 18" W / Rope
Boom 22 20/Bale 25 gallons
1-4 $73.68
5-11 $70.58
12 and up $65.93
BB818 Bilge Boom 8" X 18" W / Rope
Boom 42 10/Bale 31 gallons
1-4 $93.45
5-11 $89.52
12 and up $83.63
SP1800 18"x100' Oil Select Sweep.
Sweep 15 1/Bag 25 gallons
1-4 $90.22
5-11 $86.43
12 and up $80.74
SPILSACK 25" X 14" X 5" Netted Pillow , Polypropylene Fill.
Pillows 20 10/Bale 24 gallons
1-4 $96.83
5-11 $92.76
12 and up $86.65
B510SB 5" X 10' Spaghetti Boom, Netted Oil Only Boom
Boom 25 4/Bale 45 gallons
1-4 $116.73
5-11 $111.82
12 and up $104.46
B810SB 8" X 10' Spaghetti Boom Netted Oil Only Boom
Boom 25 4/Bale 45 gallons
1-4 $162.90
5-11 $156.05
12 and up $145.78